AyuCid For Acidity


Relieves hyperacidity and GERD

AYUCID neutralizes excess acidity, prevents heart-burn and heals ulcers. Ayucid contains natural ingredients that are refrigerants, carminative, stomachic, coolant healers and helps in checking flatulence and vomiting.



  • Indigestion
  • Consumption of large meals
  • Excessive intake of fatty and spicy foods
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Over intake of tea and coffee
  • Stress and hypertension


  • Burning sensation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach pain


  • Neutralizes the stomach acid
  • Provides effective relief from acidity
  • Is an excellent coolant and refrigerant
  • Relieves from acid indigestion, upset stomach, sour stomach and heartburn
  • Reduces gas pains (flatulence)
  • Helps manage GERD (Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux-Disease)
  • Treats acidity and indigestion
  • Helps in indigestion that results from too much acid in the stomach
  • Heals chronic ulcers

 Dietary Advice

For maximum benefit, fatty, spicy, sour foods, alcoholic drinks and smoking be avoided. Intake of cold milk and leafy vegetables is recommended.

 For Enhanced Efficacy: Best Suggested Combination

2 capsules 3 times a day

Along With : 

AYUGES: 2 capsules 2 times daily
AYULAX: 2 capsules with lukewarm glass of water before retiring to bed

Mode of action
Mimosa pudica extract
Heals ulcers. Is a haemostatic
Asparagus racemosus extract
Antacid, heals ulcers
Emblica officinalis extract
Helps in acid peptic disease and is a coolant
Glycyrrhiza glabra extract
Is a coolant and a refrigerant and helps in acid peptic diseases
Woodfordia fruiticosa extract
Refrigerant, astringent
Fumaria parviflora extract
Helps in hyperacidity
Pimpinella anisum extract
Carminative, digestive, promotes gastrointestinal mobility
Hedychium spicatum
Stomachic, carminative, coolant
Operculina turpethum
Digestive, anti-spasmodic
Terminalia chebula extract
Antacid, digestive
Nymphaea nouchri
Coolant, carminative, antacid, anti-emetic
Vetiveria zizanioides
Refrigerant, stomachic, anti-emetic, antispasmodic, digestive
Tinospora cordifoliaextract
Antacid, digestive, heals ulcers

Read More:

  1. Most important ingredients of AYUCID capsules are
    Commiphora mukul extract:
    - Is a coolant and a refrigerant and helps in acid peptic diseases, healsstomach ulcers, isa haemostatic
    - Aidsin digestion and also createsa cooling effect in the stomach
    - Stimulatesmucussecretion and isanti-oxidative

    Woodfordia fruticosa extract:
    - The flowers have astringent and stimulant properties
    - Has an anti-ulcer potential activity as it inhibits basal gastric secretion
    - Aids in digestion and also creates a cooling effect in the stomach
    - Stimulates mucus secretion, is anti-oxidative
    - Used for flatulence, colic and griping pains

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