I suffered from a very serious diabetic problem for more than 20 years. It all started when I hurt my right leg and it began to spread all over. Three of the specialists that I have met advised me to amputate to avoid it from affecting other parts of my body. I considered myself lucky when Mr. Siah Lee Kau introduced to me Ayurveda products – AyuDerme, AyurLite, AyuRhoids and AyuBes. With just 3 months of consuming, my diabetis almost healed totally and I sincerely thank Mr. Siah Lee Kau for changing my life. Due to that, I share my testimony for those who are in need.

Teo Chan Moi

Health Problems: Severe Pain at the left chest since 2006, despite several X-rays, nothing was discovered. In 2008, She tried products below for 1 month, the symptom is gone.
PRODUCTS TAKEN:K-AyuAsmo, K-AyuVita, K-AyuLite & K-AyuDerme

She and experienced severe pain at her lift chest since year of 2006. She had sought for many medication including X-ray. But nothing was found. In 2008, she was convinced to try out K-Link products K-AyuAsmo, K-AyuVita, K-AyuLite and K-AyuDeme. Surprisingly, the many years symptoms just gone, and she is fine now. She would like to share this good news with friends.

Roselyne Anguswa Mombasa
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